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Arrangement Sweet

Arrangement with roses, hydrangeas, ipericum, orchids and foliage.

Luxury Arrangement

A luxury arrangement in glass with orchids Vanta, orchids Phalaenopsis, Hydrangeas, Anthurium, Roses, Alstromerias and foliage.

Bouquet Dream

Bouquet with red roses, hydrangeas, orchids, chrysanthemum and foliage.

Bouquet Red Paradise

Bouquet with red roses, alstromerias, orchids, chrysathemum and foliage.

Sweet Drink Νο. 215

A romantic dance between drinks and flowers, offering sensual notes to the atmosphere.

Harmony of Love No.327

A harmonious arrangement on a platter, radiating love and warmth.

Sweet Petals No.162

A sweet composition in soft hues that highlights love with every blossom.

Pure Emotion No.878

A striking composition in light shades to express your pure emotions.

Juliet Βouquet

A bouquet of flowers, in a variety of shades of red, to give a romantic and passionate gift to your other half.

Love Box

Impress your partner now, with this unique and love-filled blossoming box.

Lovely lady

The Lovely Lady arrangement reflects elegance with a sense of freshness and romance.

Heart Harmony

The arrangement Heart Harmony delicately resonates with the heartstrings, creating an atmosphere filled with love and sensitivity.

Mystery of Romance

Η Mystery of Romance είναι μια σύνθεση που ζωντανεύει τον μυστηριώδη κόσμο του έρωτα μέσα από μελωδίες που αγγίζουν την καρδιά. * Το παρόν κουτί δεν είναι διαθέσιμο, θα αντικατασταθεί με άλλο παρομοίου μεγέθους.

True Love

The True Love is an arrangement that reflects the true beauty and power of love.

Power of Love

The Power of Love is an arrangement that reflects the absolute strength and influence of love through dynamic melodies and emotional intensity.

Sense of Love

The simple charm of love encapsulated in the composition Sense of Love.

Heartbeat of Love

The Heartbeat of Love highlights intensity and passion while also embracing the atmosphere of love with unique charm.

Sweet Love

This floral arrangement unveils the magic that unfolds when love meets sweet indulgence.

Melody Of Love

The Absolute Beauty of Love through an Elegant Blend of Flowers.

Special Bouquet

Bouquet with big red roses and foliage.